About Me

Hello there!! 
My name is Esty and I'm a teenager who as I'm sure you noticed, runs a book blog. I also dance (tap, contemporary and a little ballet), read and attend a boarding school. Hence, the name of my blog:) Just to clear up: I'm not a juvenile deliquent, nor a mind blowing genius. My school is just one of the best schools in my area and dorming happens to be mandatory. I live near so for me it's not too big a deal. 

I've always loved to read and about a year and half ago discovered book blogs. I was fascinated. I mean, what could be better than to read, rave/rant about it, and then share the experience with other fanatics book lovers?? A month ago (Today is Jan.2, 2013) I decided to join in the fun, and so far that's all it's been! 

I also am a fluent Hebrew speaker and I have a blog for Hebrew books too- third tab! 

Please follow/comment it makes my day! You can also find me on twitter @boardingwbooks.  Email: boardingwithbooks (at) blogspot (dot) com or on Goodreads.

Happy reading!