Review Policy

Hey there to all writers, publicists, and publishers!

I'll be happy to review your book! I generally read YA, but I enjoy a great adult/middle grade book too. I love fantasy, dystopia, paranormal, historical fiction, contemporary, romance, memoirs and autobiographies. However, even if your novel isn't strictly in the above categories, send me the info and if it sounds good I'll try it!

Just a couple of things:

1.  My review will be honest- if I don't like it I'll say so and explain why. I'll also stress who I think WILL like it :-) I always finish the book and will not slander or ridicule the book or the author. 

2.  I would prefer not to read self published books. Small publications are totally fine though. 

3.  If you can send me a physical copy that'd be best, but pdfs are good too! I have a US address and an Israeli address. Whatever's closer to you works for me :-)

4.  Give me some time. I'll give you an idea of when I'll have it up based on where you're sending it and how busy I am. No worries, I bump review requests to the top of my TBR. 

5.  If I liked your book I'll be delighted to host an interview or a giveaway! 

I always put my posts up on Twitter and Goodreads. I can also post it on Amazon :-)

With questions or requests please feel free to email me at boardingwithbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks so much for your interest!

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