Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So I have two books I need to review and I will hopefully get around to that on Thursday, but in the meantime I'm rereading Harry Potter for quite possibly the millionth time (billionth if you count the times I just feel the love and choose one of the books and open to a random page and read for a few minutes). Honestly, I don't think there are many readers in the world who don't relate to the above picture, because it's HARRY FREAKING POTTER. The seven books that are leagues above any series in the world, phenomenal as they may be. Every time I read the series I discover another seemingly unimportant detail that ties in with the overall plot at the end and leaves me with my mouth open thinking 'long live queen Rowling' She is too unbelievable for words, capitals, or exclamation points (notice how this post is relatively calm). And it's so true. There are no more books, movies or any other exciting releases to look forward to and yet something keeps me (and pretty much everyone) coming back. The magic is still there, and always will be. 

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