Monday, May 6, 2013

Liebster Blog Award #2

Hey guys! I've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award again! This time, I was nominated by the wonderful Bethany at By the Bookful. Thanks so much Bethany! 

Here are the Award Rules:

1. Accept the award, post the picture of the Liebster Award on the top of your post and say who nominated you for the award and list their blog site.

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers under 200 followers who are worthy for the Liebster Award and list their blog sites.
4. Notify the bloggers of their award.
5.Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer when they accept their Liebster Award.
6. Answer the questions left for you by the blogger who gave you the award.

Here are my facts: (They are the same as last time- I kinda doubt you remember;)) 

1. I speak Hebrew fluently.
2. I have 6 little siblings (cutest little darlings! Well, most of them) (kidding!) 
3.I have three citizenships.
4. I'd take snow over beach any day! 
5. I am an obsessive planner. I have a yearly day planner and I actually fill in EVERYTHING.
6. I LOVE the Disney Princesses.
7. It's my birthday this Wednesday! (May 8th) 
8.Despite dancing for years and years, I am not really skinny (at all!) or really flexible.
9. I hope to go into politics when I grow up.
10. Speaking of that, I've been reading the newspaper every day since I was 12.
11. I have no artistic talent AT ALL. More's the pity. I always wished I could be one of those people who had their own drawings on canvases hanging around their house.

Bethany's questions:

1. What Started your blogging adventure?
I was browsing an author's website, and one of the commenters had a book blog. I checked it out and fell in love with the whole thing.

2. Describe yourself in one word.
Multi-dimensional. (Does that count?) 

3. Favorite Fictional Character?
Percy Jackson and Will Herondale.

4. What do you do to relax besides Read and Blog?
Stretch (like splits, touching my toes while putting my head to my knees, that sort of thing) and listen to music. And write. 

5. Favorite Genre and Why?
YA/MG fantasy. Hey, doesn't everyone want to live in magical worlds?

6. Favorite Quote from a book?
" If you want to see what a man is like, look at how he treats his equals, not his inferiors." -Sirius Black

7. Dream Vacation?
St. Petersberg, Russia. Snow, palaces, ballet.... <3 font="">

8. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Morning person, though I'm a late sleeper on weekends and vacations.

9. Favorite thing about Blogging?
Book talking with people:) 

10. Your Ideal Place to read a book?
My bed at home

11. Favorite Food Dish?

My questions for the nominees are:

1. What book made you love to read/ get you to start?
2. All time favorite author?
3. Have you ever met/ got anything signed by your fave/famous author?
4. Do you currently work in/plan to pursue a job related to books?
5. Why did you start blogging? Is it all you expected it to be?
6.Name a book that just made you explode (for any reason-good or bad)?
7. Best cover you've ever seen?
8. Fave movie-to-book adaptation (if any)?
9. Do you have a lot of reader friends or did you get into this life on your own? :)
10. Favorite quote from a book (if you have one)?
11. What was your favorite release this year/ what release or you most excited for this year? 

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for.... my nominees!! 
Jahzeiah @ Mermaed Books
Ray Marie and Dallie Jay @ The NerdHerd
Jackie @ No Bent Spines 

Ya, ya I know I was supposed to choose 11. But I have to get up at 6 tomorrow, cut me some slack. Anyhoo, congratulations guys! Enjoy! And for the rest of you, go check them out! You can see my first Liebster Award HERE.
Have a good night! (Well, it's night as I write this..)


  1. Awhhh<3 Thanks so much!It'll be posted on my blog later! Thanks so much for the nomination(:

  2. Congratulations and hello! I'm your newest follower and would love it if you'd come check out my blog. If you like it, I hope you can follow me as well!
    Thank you,
    Music Plus Books
    - Laura


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