Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mini-Review: Crossover

Jeff Rud
High-school story, intermediate reading level

Fifteen-year-old Kyle Evans has been a jock for years--a triple threat basketball player who can dribble, pass or shoot with considerable skill. But once he decides to try out for the school musical production at Sainsbury High, Kyle finds there is much more to life than hightops and hookshots. Conflicting priorities cause problems between Kyle and his coaches, teachers, teammates and friends. And when his buddy Lukas becomes the target of homophobic hatred, Kyle is left with some difficult choices to make. 

Hi all! Introducing today what I will from now be calling mini-reviews: quick and short reviews for quick and short books. This particular one is a story for a high school kid who doesn't read well or learning English as a second language. Simple sentence structure, 170 pages.

Crossover is basically a High School Musical story, just with more serious undertones. Kyle is a popular basketball player who scorns the theater kids and basically anyone different. In the book he reconnects with 2 old friends who rekindle his love for performing he hasn't acted on in years.

Very sweet and fun, you'll enjoy the short read with a nice message. Because of the easy level, you could give it to a younger kid too.

I'll probably be posting more of these over time- I work in an English bookstore in a non-English speaking country so we carry a lot of these books for kids while they learn. You'll be able to find them under the tag (scroll down on the right) Orcas (the publisher).

Happy reading!

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