Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekly Spotlight

Hey guys! I've now began working with Pubshelf! It's a marketing business that promotes self published authors and authors published by smaller publishing houses. I'm very happy to say that I am now an affiliate blogger with them(: Every week I'll be posting a new release that they're currently promoting .. feedback is welcome! Leave comments and say what you think! Sounds good? Pick up the book! 
This week's pick is...

Inline image 1In the Line of Ire by Edwin Dasso
Release: February 3rd 2014
Amazon UK

The Prequel to Past Aghast... 

Captain Jack Bass becomes the target of hatred and malicious jealousy from his commanding officer. Blaming Jack for his own failings, he sets his sights on Jack as a scapegoat. Fighting for his life, and new found love with Lori Darden, the pair learn how dangerous it can be to raise the ire of a psychopathic boss. 

When the chain of command breaks down, Jack Bass fights back and attempts to prevent his world from turning to ash right before his very eyes. 

Jack Bass is… 

In the Line of Ire.

About the author:

Ed Dasso's works of fiction leverage many of his "stranger than fiction" experiences from years of practice at major medical centers and community hospitals. Fiction writing is reviving a lost love from earlier periods in his life. In addition to a number of years as a practicing anesthesiologist and critical care specialist, he has published articles in national healthcare journals, written many "Ask the Doctor" columns and has spoken frequently at national healthcare forums. He has also been instrumental in designing and deploying population health programs to help people deal with depression.

Inline image 2

Sounds great! Thank you, Pubshelf!
Have a great weekend, people(:

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