Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Book to Movie Review: The Scorch Trials

The Maze Runner #2: The Scorch Trials
Directed by Wes Ball
Book by James Dashner

You can read my review of The Maze Runner movie here. 

While I wrote in my review that I loved it, I actually didn't remember it that way when I went to go see The Scorch Trials. I remembered The Maze Runner as good but mediocre. However, you can be assured that this installment WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE FORGOTTEN, because ya, it was just that amazing.

Literally- I watched it a week ago, and I have been endlessly stalking the cast and have been completely inspired to finish reading the book series. The shots were absolutely GORGEOUS. The action was non stop- I got so into it!! And that never happens in action movies! Usually I spot something I deem unrealistic and then am rolling my eyes. Here, I was jumping up and down and yelling and punching the air - well, as much as I could without pissing off everybody else in the theater.

Character wise, Thomas really shines. He is super smart and daring and sassy and fun and overall a total badass. Oh, and smoking hot. Not that that colored my judgement. At all.

Minho gets a lot more screen time, and Newt is as adorable as always. Theresa continued to be pointless until the part where she became a downright obstacle. Sigh. At least now we all have a legitimate reason to want her gone. 

Brenda and Horhe were difinitely captivating additions to the story. 

Overall, there was so much new and exciting information to process in The Scorch Trials movie - new memories, people and places that just kept the pace of the plot running along. Basically? Go to the theaters and go have fun. 


Happy movie watching and Dylan O'Brian lusting!

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