Sunday, October 22, 2017

Top Ten Book Convention Musts

Hello, Ladies and Gents!

Oct. 27th-29th, Love N. Vegas will be making its annual appearance! This is one of the most prominent book signing conventions, bringing the most influential authors together in one location. In honor of this event, I thought I'd write up what I'd hope to see at a book convention, while I stare jealously at those of you who get to go! If you haven't already, you can get tix over here, and find some awesome travel discounts here!

Believe it or not, I have never been to a real-live book convention. I know, right? I live in a small country and while people read, it's just not a thing.

But hey, we all want to make a difference in this world, right?

So behold, all the things I would have at my future first-ever Israeli book convention:

1. Coffee stations. Numerous ones. And little cafes. Because what is any event without refreshment?

2. Round tables - this I think would be the main event. From what I've been told, the best thing about book conventions for most people is meeting fellow readers and fangirling discussing their favorite books and getting excited together. So how great would this be if you could do it sitting down at small, intimate round tables (about 4 people per table) with drinks and thought-provoking questions? Afterwards all the groups would join together and a representative of every group would present to the wider attendance their conclusions or questions and opinions. I think this setting would also be more comfortable for those of us who may get overwhelmed by big events or have social anxiety and have difficulty striking conversations sometimes.

I personally would love this. It would be a wonderful way to make new friends, express your thoughts and hear other's opinions as well.

3. Improv sessions and stand-up comedy - okay, this one is a little far-fetched. But hear me out.
The way I imagine this is like live fanfiction. Readers acting out their favorite scenes, embellishing them, and playing drama class games like picking a pair of characters out of a hat and then a situation out of another (i.e. characters - Percy Weasley. Situation: at a strip club against his will. Or: Jace and Clary. Couples Counseling). HOW HILARIOUS WOULD THIS BE? This event could develop into so many different directions. A way to showcase talent, run wild with our imaginations and get stomach aches from laughing. Guaranteed to make you walk away from the convention smiling and reenacting with your friends when you get home.

4. Lectures and personal stories - something for the nonfiction lovers out there. I'd invite prominent memoir writers to tell us their stories, and historical/historical fiction writers to present their research and share their learning with us. Likewise scientific or other documentary writers and researchers. This could also help them promote their books to wider audiences, with slides and pictures.

5. Cosplaying fashion show. With a runway.  And a competition with prizes.

6. Classes and workshops - themed cooking workshops, dance classes, fencing. Fight with a Sword like Percy Jackson. Alice's Eat Me Cakes. And of course, creative writing.
(in the picture - gladiator fight at the Icon Geek Festival in Israel)

7. Panels and interviews. It's not a convention without it :)

8. Social media picture stations - huge wall posters, stages to jump from, lifesize cardboard cutouts and wax statues, things to stick your head through, a red carpet backdrop, you name it. And a REALLY AWESOME SNAPCHAT GEOTAG PLEASE.

9. Book sales and giveaways, preferably outside the venue itself in a way that it can attract people who are not necessarily convention-goers and may have just been walking by.  The sales should be advertised so that the public will know and come.

10. A social project - I would love for there to be a way for people to donate tickets (fully or partially) for book lovers who would not otherwise be able to come. There would be an application process for the free tickets and those who donated would be eligible for perks. Likewise, there would be scholarships available for international readers to fly in for the event, therefore giving people who may not usually get to these events a chance to come, and the opportunity to diversify the convention!

And to finish up (bonus no' #11? ) mainstream media presence! What better way to promote reading in the greater population than reporting about it and photos reaching newspapers and new sites (as opposed to blogs and fan media)?

Here's to hoping that one day I make my dreams come true. In the meantime, what are IRL book conventions like? Which ones have you been in? How do you prepare. Let me know in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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