Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review: An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of KatherinesAn Abundance of Katherines
John Green
Contemporary, Romance (?), Road Trip (ish)

19 Katherines and counting...

When it comes to relationships, Colin Singleton's type is girls named Katherine. And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin is always getting dumped. Nineteen times, to be exact. On a road trip miles from home, this anagram-happy, washed-up child prodigy has ten thousand dollars in his pocket, a bloodthirsty feral hog on his trail, and an overweight, Judge Judy-loving best friend riding shotgun - but no Katherines. Colin is on a mission to prove The Theorem of Underlying Katherine Predictability, which he hopes will predict the future of any relationship, avenge Dumpees everywhere, and finally win him the girl.

Do you really need to read the review? Everything John Green writes is uncontested sheer genius. It's not even gonna be long because what can I say? Katherines features a weird, lovable, social-pariah protagonist with a weird but cool obsession, a weirder and even more lovable best friend, a kickass girl and and some totally-bizarre-but-totally-could-happen circumstances. (This is true for Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns by John Green, and some of these elements are in Will Grayson, Will Grayson by JG and David Levithan. Link to my review)

Everything about JG's writing makes me laugh. In this book, things are explained through highly illuminating and highly hilarious footnotes- hence the cover. Through the journey Katherines took me on, I used my high school math FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER to understand the graphs Colin makes about his relationships. In the back, there's an appendix BY AN HONEST TO GOD MATH GENIUS named Daniel Biss, who talks you through all the calculations made in the novel. Thank you, John Green, for putting the object of my misery to funniest and best use in the world(:

Other pleasurable aspects of Katherines were the diversity and random and bizarre and no-way-I'm-gonna-go-look-that-up pieces of trivia. 

However, I did understand the critics who said this is legendary JG's weakest book, and while it didn't move me to tears and/or inspire big life revelations in me like the others, I'd hardly call it WEAK. It's just a different kind of novel. Sheesh, people. It's like we need another hit of our extreme-feels drug. TAKE IT AND LOVE IT FOR WHAT IT IS. 

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