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Review: Captured Again

Captured Again (Let Me Go #2)Captured Again (Let Me Go #2)
L.L Akers
New Adult

Ink doesn't fade, but bad memories do. Gabby, Olivia and Emma have stumbled through the ashes of their past. They've happily moved on when disaster strikes again, and one heart breaks when another stops beating--forever. Olivia must help her twin sister, Gabby, keep her tentative grip on reality when the happily ever after she and Jake fought so hard for is threatened.

And Emma's all grown up these days. Now that she's a junior in college, she's determined to hide her old ink and write a new story. Anyone who remembers that girl she used to be is where they belong--in her past. However, after a rough night, she's detoured by Dusty... he's almost too good to be true. He's hot. He's sexy. But the smoldering gray eyes don't hide the fact he's not Emma's typical bad boy. He's a cop. One who's always colored between the lines--until the day he arrests Emma, the troubled girl from long-ago with the dragonfly tattoo. But she's not a girl anymore. Dusty falls hard for her fiery blue eyes and spitfire personality. For her, he's willing to risk getting burnt.

In hot pursuit of Emma, Dusty enters a dangerous game of hide and seek. Emma's stubbornness and refusal to surrender may just get one of them killed, before he's able to capture her heart.

I featured the first book in this series, Let Me Go, back in September and hosted an interview with LL Akers. You can read it here. It occurred to me now that I never reviewed it, because my blog tour stop didn't require it - but basically, I really liked it and it kept me thinking for awhile after I finished. I'm happy to say I loved Captured Again! 

Book #2 takes up a few good years since book #1 left off. I loved getting to read about Emma as an adult, and this time the book centers on her. I also loved seeing Olivia with her life on track- in general, the girls' lives are much better than when they were younger, and that took courage and hard work that was beautiful to see.

You think a book all about girls won't make you swoon? Think again. Dusty alone made me all smiley. And towards the end a certain someone shows up... warning: There are some steamy, steamy scenes(;

Gabby is not doing well. However, unlike other books that feature troubled heroines, she isn't whiny at all and lives and learns and is, in other words, a survivor. (Survival is a running theme in the series)

Lastly, some cover love. Just how gorgeous is this novel?? 

Highly recommended!!


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  1. Etsy, thanks so much for surprising me with this review! So glad you liked Emma's HEA. Olivia's story is next!


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