Friday, October 17, 2014

ICon Festival 2014!

פסטיבל אייקון 2014: סודות

Hey guys! The holidays are just wrapping up here, but not before I managed to make it to my first ever geek event convention for science fiction and fantasy! Living in Israel means I never get to make it to events like BEA or author signings, and definitely not Comic-Con (because when I do go to the States I'm on the East Coast). 

So I was absolutely overjoyed to attend ICon in Tel Aviv this year (=Israel Convention)! Thought I'd make a post to show you my haul: 

Me and Kelley Armstrong! I read The Summoning years ago but I remember liking it. She signed my program and gave me an adorable book mark!! Obviously I brought a sparkly pen. The kind that smudges. *facepalm*

The booths were sooooo awesome. Here's some of the cool products I picked up (I know, I know. I should have gotten this stuff years ago. What kinda fangirl am I??) :

Please ignore the fact that I left the tag on. In my defense, I was excited. 

Took this one at home already... 

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Okay, so this refers to a TV show. Whatever. The Sherlock merchandise was the best stuff there.

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There was an arena where there were costume competitions and gladiator fighting, and all sorts of lectures and panels. Hopefully I'll put up a slideshow in the sidebar with some more pics(: 

So that was my first geek experience! What events have you been to? Tell me! (don't hesitate to make me jealous!) 

Have a great weekend!

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