Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Review: The Artemis Fowl Files

The Artemis Fowl FilesThe Artemis Fowl Files
Eoin Colfer
Companion to the Artemis Fowl series

The Artemis Fowl Files is comprised of two original stories: "LEPrecon": the story of Fairy Police Captain Holly Short's move from Traffic to Recon following her initiation into the Fairy Police; and "The Seventh Dwarf", featuring Mulch, Butler, and Artemis himself.

• "Behind-the-scenes" interviews with major characters including: Artemis, Holly, Foaly, Mulch, and Eoin 
Colfer himself
• Coded section from the Fairy Book for kids to translate
• A section for Fairy Spotters including the different categories of Fairy and their physical characteristics 
and personality traits, including: Elves, Trolls, Sprites, Pixies Goblins, Dwarves and Centaurs
• Technical diagrams of Foaly's inventions

Hey there! Here for a rare middle-of-the-week post. Enjoy!

You can read my review of Artemis Fowl and the Last Guardian here. As you can see in the link, I absolutely ADORE this series. Genius young criminal mastermind? Kick-butt faeries? What's not to love? So, naturally, I was overjoyed to stumble upon this great find in the library.

The book was quick and fun (200 pages) with activities to entertain a kid for hours (fortunately, I have stuff to do. I did not abandon my maturity. But I would have like to:)). 

The stories were written flawlessly and the interviews had me laughing. I adored getting bonus content from my favorite characters- you get some more of Holly's background which I thought was pretty cool, and a story of Artemis and Mulch that has been referenced in the series but I hadn't known had been written! You can read this companion after having read just one of the series. 



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