Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review: Hidden

Hidden (Firelight #3)
Sophie Jordan

Jacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian, the "prince" of their pride. But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will—a human and, worse, a hunter. When she ran away with Will, it ended in disaster, with Cassian's sister, Miram, captured. Weighed down by guilt, Jacinda knows she must rescue her to set things right. Yet to do so she will have to venture deep into the heart of enemy territory.

The only way Jacinda can reach Miram is by posing as a prisoner herself, though once she assumes that disguise, things quickly spiral out of her control. As she learns more about her captors, she realizes that even if Will and Cassian can carry out their part of the plan, there's no guarantee they'll all make it out alive. But what Jacinda never could have foreseen is that escaping would be only the beginning....

Loyalties are tested and sacrifices made in the explosive conclusion to Sophie Jordan's Firelight trilogy.

I read the first two novels before I started blogging, so unfortunately I can't link you my reviews. I can tell you though, that I really enjoyed them.  In Firelight, I fell in love with Will and was wowed by the new world and the complex situation. In Vanish, I fell in love with Cassian and was swept with all the action and the new developments in regard to Tamra and her (Jacinda's) (well, Tamra's, too.) mom. 

In all respects, Hidden disappointed me when compared to the first two novels. It was quick and wasn't as emotional as the others, and usually it's the conclusion that's jam-packed with feels. There were some new surprises, but nothing that really caught me off guard and shocked me (More like, 'Oh. Okay. That makes sense' kinda reaction). When I said quick, I meant that all the events in this novel occur in some 36 hours. 

That's not to say it wasn't good. I still had a hard time putting it down and couldn't wait to read what happened next, but I wasn't as hooked as I wanted to be. I had a hard time but I was able to put it down.

The end wraps everything up nicely, including Jacinda and her love life, Tamra and her love life, Will vs. Cassian (though my ship lost:/) the twins' dad's disappearance,  her mom leaving, the pride's rule, etc. basically all tied up. My one problem is that I was hoping for a big explosive scene in which Jacinda (with Tamra- she's my fave character) stands up for the things she's been fighting for throughout the trilogy and gets them. There wasn't such a scene. And she was kinda unconscious for all the good stuff. *sigh*

 All in all? Finish the series, but don't get hyped. If you have yet to read Firelight, I still recommend it. The first ones were great. Rating: 2.5 but till I figure out how to do half stars...

Summer vacation is here!! Enjoy and stay safe:) Love,

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  1. I can't wait to read this! I've read the first two....hmmm..I hope I'll like it xD Anyways, great review(:


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