Friday, March 7, 2014

March Clean Out Your E-Reader!


Hey everyone(: COYER is a reading challenge hosted by Berls at Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle at Because Reading where you read and review free or nearly free ebooks that have been sitting in your e-reader for way too long! Links to the start post above^^

This month I plan to read and review 3 books! Last time I didn't make it.... hoping to rectify that!

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover

Don't Even Think About It by Sarah Mylnowski

Impossibly Love by Shane Morgan

Below is the linky for the start up posts and reviews! Feel free to check up the hosts for the Twitter parties, mini challenges, giveaways and more!


  1. Great picks for the Challenge!! Good Luck!
    Happy Reading

    Michelle @ Because Reading

  2. Good luck with the challenge - I hope it's going well. I have the Colleen Hoover book too but haven't gotten around to it yet!


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