Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mini-Review: Ace's Basement

Ace's BasementAce's Basement 
Ted Staunton
High Interest/Low Reading Level

Following the demise of his first band, Ace has started a duo called "Two" with Lisa, a girl he has a huge crush on. As Ace and Lisa get serious about their music, Denny, Ace's hapless friend, tries to help out by filming their every move so that he can create the ultimate music video. As a joke, Denny puts together a Two video capturing all of the embarrassing moments--moments that Lisa in particular doesn't want shared. Somehow, the video gets posted on YouTube. Lisa and Ace find themselves starring in the latest comedic viral video. Lisa is humiliated and refuses to talk to Ace--until their fame turns out to have positive results.

Orca Book Publishers write books specifically meant for teenagers with low reading levels, or learning English as a second language and such. I take the time to read and review them because we have a good market for them in the book store I work at, and I think it's important to give a reluctant reader something he or she will actually like. You can read my other reviews of Orca books here(:

Ace's Basement is a cute, short read, all of 107 little, well-spaced pages. It's got a modern context of young musicians putting themselves on Youtube, as well as the relatability of a high-schooler crushing on his older, good-looking friend. Overall, nothing special to remark on except that there were a few aspects that I felt could be expanded upon, like his relationship with his stepdad, or what happened to his biological father. Rating:

Have a whole bunch of reviews to catch up on, hope to get at it this week! Till then(:

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