Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Percy Jackson and the Olympians!

The Lightning Thief: 10th Anniversary Edition (B&N Exclusive Collector's Edition) 

Rick Riordan
Illustrated by John Rocco

Before my thoughts, a tidbit: I reread a lot. A lot of times, in between every review I post here, I've reread another book that I don't review.  In most cases, every time I review a book in a series I reread all its predecessors, meaning I recently reread all of The Sisters Grimm series and The Lorien Legacies. Not to mention all The Heroes of Olympus and Mortal Instruments. 

I don't review rereads on principle (I'm talking about a book I read before I started blogging, therefore there is no review for here on Boarding with Books). The reason for this is because if your reading it again/ continuing the series you obviously liked it enough to do so. Also, your thoughts are very different from the initial impression you got when you immersed yourself in it the first time, more like a personal comparison with what you felt before, not so much review material. 

Anyway! Why, if so, am I doing this review on a book I have learned by heart read many times since my youth and is among my all time favorites? 

Well, it's been ten years. 

God this is so emotional.

When did we get so old??

I remember getting my copy of The Battle of the Labyrinth and staying up all night (or so I thought) until my dad made me go to sleep so I went to bed clutching it. I also remember spoiling it for myself because in grade 4 (or 5) I did NOT have the self-control it takes to avoid the internet. Lord, I didn't even try! I googled it myself! (:

Oh, wait. I meant to review the bonus content in the anniversary edition.

We'll start with the cover: I've seen opinions all across the spectrum. Honestly, I kinda like it. But no, not enough that if given the choice I'd choose to own the new ones. Christine at PolandBananasBooks made a video with her new Percy Jackson swag (so jealous) and made a good point... they just don't stand out like the old covers did! I'd miss the big gold writing on my shelf. 

However, just for this anniversary edition of The Lighting Thief it worked. It was done by the amazingly talented John Rocco (who did every other Rick Riordan thing ever) along with a gorgeous mural of all the new art on the inside jacket. On the inner side of the cover are the covers of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief in a bunch of different foreign languages... so cool!

There's the original outline (Twas the first time I've seen a real manuscript ouline. Twas fascinating), Riordan's first submission letter, a little Q&A, a letter from John Rocco, maps of Camp Half-Blood and the Underworld, a little note from Percy, a Greek Mythology reference guide and a list of myths relating to the story. Basically, lots of cute stuff. If I could ask for more I'd want interviews with the gods, maybe with some of the campers - though I realize it's premature for The Lightning Thief, come on. Who buys the collectors edition if not for avid fans?

Overall, I was so happy. It is an amazing gift to get, and I urge you to give the same present to yourself or to your favorite demigod friend. Rating:

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